Friday, July 9, 2010

Elysse's Baby Shower

Though I insisted that we did not need to have any baby showers for Elysse, the paralegals from Ryan's office insisted that we DID need to have a diaper shower. The kids and I went to Ryan's office at noon today and we had a beautiful baby shower. Both Nathan and Audrey felt so special.

Nathan was working hard on writing a book (all about animals) and several people asked him questions about his book and the animals he was interested in. Nathan is very shy in groups and with people he doesn't know. Yet, he was able to answer their questions and really talked to one of the paralegals, Amanda. Everyone was so impressed with his love and fascination with animals as well as his vibrant imagination.

Audrey is and was anything but shy. She walked in, went up and talked with several people and kept the crowd entertained. In fact she had to sneak out for a potty break and everyone was wondering where she had gone.
This is only the present portion of the shower.
We were also given several gift cards and cash gifts.

The cake was delicious white on white our personal favorite (though Audrey is a chocolate girl and may be persuaded to side with both of her grandmas' taste in cake).
They used Elysse's birth announcement to decorate the cake!

Elysse's first flowers. These came from the home garden of one of the attorneys at the firm!


Lee said...

How cool--of course, Miss Elysse should have a shower!!!!!!!!!!!!

HatchFamily said...

Sounds like a fun time, and you can always use diapers :) I love the idea of using the announcement for decorating the cake......cute!

Bryan and Emily said...

Wow! Even though it isn't necessary it is so nice for every new baby to be welcomed in style. :) I love the cake!Diapers are the best gift ever in my opinion!