Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Made It

Okay I am sure everyone was waiting for an update and yesterday totally got away from me. Some good friends of mine offered to have Nathan join playgroup today and Audrey is taking an early nap! It is wonderful. So I am sitting here with time to use the computer.

We were able to get through the weekend fever free! At our clinic appointment we were told that Audrey's white blood count is fairly high but not high enough to come off the daily shot to help boost the count. She will be able to get off the shot on Wednesday. We go in for chemo on Thursday (this one is not suppose to drop the white blood count) and she will likely need to have a blood transfusion again. Getting a transfusion isn't a big deal it just takes a long time.

We gave Audrey the option of having a little party to celebrate ending chemo or a date with just mom and dad. She choose the party. I guess I should have explained she could have cake either way!

If everything goes well over the next week we think Audrey will be able to join normal life again in July - she can't wait to go back to nursery at church! And gymnastics in the fall.


HatchFamily said...

Oh, that's such good news! I'm sure Audrey is just so happy to be able to be a little kid again. I'm so excited for you guys :)

Carrie said...

So glad to hear the great news! I missed seeing you but we will catch you next time for sure! More baby pic's please!!!! :)

Lee said...

How wonderful! Who wouldn't want to have a party up close and personal with all those kids? Love you guys!

Steve said...

Can we come to the party!!! We so would love to be there!!