Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Latest

Audrey still has not had chemo. Her blood counts were not high enough by Tuesday and I asked that they wait until Monday so that Audrey could enjoy her weekend with Ryan and Nathan. The doctor thought the request was strange - putting off chemo. We explained that Nathan wouldn't be able to visit Audrey in the hospital and she hadn't seen them for two weeks. Our goal here is to complete all of the radiation without any set backs. We can do chemo at home.

Ryan and Nathan fled the snow storm (left an hour or so before the snow started to fall) on Friday. Our area received around one foot of snow with a thin layer of ice on top. Nathan probably won't have school for most of the week - we have noticed that as a trend. We also heard that if they have too many more snow days spring break days will be taken away.

This weekend was rainy here in Jacksonville. We spent the morning at the Museum of Science and History and watched a planetarium show. The kids had a good time. We then went on an adventure to find a place for lunch when we realized we were close to running out of gas. Everything turned out fine. Yesterday was rainy and 71 degrees today is going to be sunny and 54, go figure.

I am still in a lot of pain from my back/leg issues. I went to the chiropractor every day last week. When I leave I feel like I am cured but by the time I get back to the Ronald McDonald House the pain has started up again. I am afraid that I will be told I need to be on bed rest until the baby comes - I can't exactly do that right now. I am looking forward to the MRI that will follow the birth and surgery to fix my problems...I hope it will be that easy.

(Happy Birthday Sara - I wish I could have been there for your party! I have your card, all written - just haven't found a place to get stamps while I am out.)

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