Monday, October 5, 2009


Is anyone else going crazy because it is already October? Didn't school just start? It is amazing how quickly time goes.

Fortunately I am a freak and I already have half of my Christmas shopping complete. Also, we have decided not to get gifts for Nathan and Audrey this year. They have so many things already and our annual trip to Michigan is sort of their "gift." (Not to mention that they have several aunts, uncles and two sets of grandparents that do more than their share in providing for our children!) I have never liked the whole Santa Christmas tradition anyway. I guess part of that has to do with feeling like birthdays are the best days ever - one day set aside to celebrate you. We do our best to be sure that the children's birthdays are the best. As Nathan always insists, birthdays need balloons, presents and cake! For right now all Audrey cares about is CAKE!

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Carrie said...

I am so with you! Where is 2009 going????
Ugh! I used to do my Christmas way early but the past 3 years I haven't and it is so stressful! I am going creative this year for gifts. I am writing books for my nieces and nephews that they can then go back and illustrate themselves. They are all so creative that I think they will like it. Probably not the pre-teens and teens though. My two pre-teens nieces are getting Slam Books. Do you remember those? You have all your friends answer questions in it...I am going to have to dig mine out and see what all is in it. The teens...I am still working on that...
We do the same thing. Birthdays we go a little overboard and Christmas is 3 gifts. That is how many the Savior got from the wise man so it seems like a good number! I am so over "stuff" which is really all it is after they play with it a few times just more "stuff"!
I am rambling, surprise, surprise.... :)