Monday, March 3, 2014


It is nice when family comes to visit.  Chad and Sarah were just here for a week.  Steve and Rosie will be down in a few weeks.  My mom will be here for Mother's Day.

Here are some of our pictures from Chad and Sarah's visit.  This is their little guy, Jeremiah.

Putting together a Lego set.  Nathan bought the set a few weeks before their arrival, he left in in the box, waiting for Uncle Chad.
 Loved the kitchen!

 Lots of big hugs for Audrey, often pulling her to the ground.  Jeremiah replaced his dog, Belle, with Audrey for the week!
Miami Zoo visit

 Splash pad at the Miami zoo.

Jeremiah wanted to be outdoors every second.  When he first arrived it took a minute and he realized he was outside and wasn't freezing!  He wiggled out of my arms and went straight to the grass.  Then he ran around, with his arms stretched to the sky, loving the grass!

On our walk, he became distracted by a sign in a yard, he tried his best to put it back up.

Grocery cart on the sidewalk, outdoor time, could a guy ask for anything else?

What a fun trip.  I'm glad they came to see us.  As we won't be able to be up there until this summer...

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Jenny Erickson said...

Thanks for posting. So fun to see your kiddos. A little jealous if that warm weather. I think we had snow that week. Jordan even got out the snowblower to move it. Hope you are all well.