Friday, May 10, 2013

Creative Writing (From a 2nd grade boy)

This essay came home today.  Sometimes I wonder if Nathan's teacher is amused by his stories in the same way I am.

Have you ever had a day when you thought rattle snakes were attacking your throat?  Well I have.  One morning I woke up with a weird feeling.  "Hello," I said testing my voice.  My voice was low and scratchy.

I walked out of the office at my grandparents to look for my mom.  "Can you take my temperature?" I whispered   I had to whisper to get anything clear.  After mom took my temperature she said, "Go to bed."  I said, "Can you please turn on the recording of Finding Bigfoot?" I watched it for three hours.

After I watched Finding Bigfoot mom walked into the office to give me chicken noodle soup.  After I slerped it all down, I fell asleep.  I had a dream that I was on the Big Foot hunters crew and I killed a deer as bait and I caught Big Foot.  I also caught the rest of his family and gave them to a zoo.

Finally, I woke up two days later and I felt better and could go to school to be educated.  I love reading, writing and all the other subjects.  I got to see my friends like Patrick, Conal and more!  I hope I don't have strep throat again.

I love how he said he "slerped" chicken noodle soup, the spelling is the best and he has never had soup in his life!  I also enjoy that he used this assignment to write about a time when he was sick to instead write about Big Foot.  After all, isn't that what creative writing is all about, writing what you really want, coded as something completely different?  I think he has a future as a journalist!  And just to make sure his teacher is happy he throws in there that he goes to school "to be educated."  So many different levels to love here!

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