Friday, January 20, 2012


We traveled once again to Michigan for Christmas. I will never complain about traveling to Michigan for Christmas because we weren't able to one year and it was not Christmas. Some children believe that Christmas does not exist without Santa - I believe that Christmas only happens in Michigan.

I actually did not take many pictures at all. I either forgot to get out my camera or someone else had one out so I chose not to take mine out. I will have to borrow SD cards and transfer them onto my camera.

While in MI I was able to go to two Michigan State basketball games. It was great. I love basketball (something my grandma and I shared) and being a Beadle I LOVE Michigan State - it couldn't be any other way.

My younger brother was married in Chicago on December 29th so I traveled from MI to IL in a one day trip all by myself. The drive went well as did the wedding. I was the photographer (along with anyone else who brought a camera). The next day Sandy, the kids and I headed back home.

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Carrie said...

Sounds like a fun trip. What a cute couple!!! Congrats to them. :)

A lot of people (including myself) have been out of the blogging mood it seems as of late. Aaron graduated Dec. 17th and already has a job here in Monroe. Our plan is to head to SC. He had to teach one semester here to get his teaching license (in NC you can teach with out having student taught. In SC you can't) and then he can teach in SC. We are stilling waiting to see on the house. It looks like it is it starting the foreclosure process so we would get it for a steal...We will see what happens. Enough rambling for now! Glad to know all is well for you and your family!