Monday, January 10, 2011

Elysse Jayne

Miss Elysse Jayne (my little name for her) has been filling our lives with such joy. On December 16th (during a party we were having at our house) Elysse sat up for the first time. She has been doing great ever since and loved showing off her new skill while we were in Michigan. Last week she began "crawling" though she doesn't go forward. The first couple of times I thought it was a mistake but she is very skilled and frankly I don't know if she will ever crawl forward because she is quick and gets where she wants to go!

All of this new activity has given her a lot to be tired about. Below are some of my best sleeping shots that she will be so grateful for later in life.

I just love this one... She sleeps with her hand holding onto the side of her bassinet. She also lays on her belly and puts her head above the rim to span the room. Unfortunately I do not have a picture of that yet. And yes, I know, she is getting too big for the bassinet and we do have plans to move her up to her crib. It will happen, one day---

Elysse also loves the bath. When I am filling the tub her arms start splashing around anticipating the drops that will inevitably sprinkle her nose.
She is also facinated by shirts. The more on the shirt, the better - zippers, strings, buttons. If your shirt doesn't have any of these gems she really isn't interested.


The McGee's said...

She is adorable--looks are different than your other two--Bet you have been getting the snow--Hoe does Nathan like school this year?

Carrie said...

She is seriously ADORABLE!!! I love all the pictures.

Ruth said...

I LOVE the bath picture! The lighting is perfect and your exposure is spot on. :) So cute.

Karen said...

Elysse is growing up so fast. She is really getting a personality all her own. Thanks for the postings.

tempppo said...

Love the facial expression. Looks like she has learned a few things from her sibs.