Thursday, December 9, 2010


I have been wanting to post for days now. However we are all sick in one form or another. Over the weekend it was the worst. Ryan and I have the same crud - nose throat yuck. Elysse was running a fever and seemed that her ears were bothering her. Audrey began to run a fever as well. We gave them Tylenol and held out for Monday morning walk in clinic at the pediatrician. Elysse did have an ear infection - in fact it was in both ears and the poor little thing had puss draining from both ears.

We have been sick for nearly two weeks so I cannot even remember what day it was - maybe last Friday - I was sleeping with Elysse in the basement when Ryan and Nathan came down and woke us up (accidentally of course). I was talking to Ryan and said that he would need to pack lunches because I wasn't going to be able to. After a few minutes I was not able to go back to sleep and Elysse definitely wasn't going to. I walked up to the kitchen to find that Nathan had begun to pack Ryan a lunch for work. It was so sweet. If I hadn't been so sick I probably would have taken a picture.

The funniest part is that Nathan packed Ryan a half peanutbutter sandwich (folded over) without jelly - just the way Nathan likes it. He then put all of the other items for Ryan's lunch on top of the sandwich:)


The McGee's said...

I am sorry--it is so yucky to be sick at the holidays--I am trying to get my usual holiday sinus infection too--Rose on her way home tonight for three weeks--1st semester of college done--flew by!

tempppo said...

That is so great for Nathan to make lunch for his dad. What a sweet little guy.

Carrie said...

Hope you are feeling better. It is that time of year when the sicknesses just get passed around and around...Not fun! Hope you are all better and ready for Christmas. :)