Wednesday, November 10, 2010

These Days

Finally! A smile for the camera. She often gives us big smiles but this is a first for the camera. These days Elysse is rolling over both ways - still with a lot of effort. We think she is going to have a fantastic sense of humor as she laughs all of the time and it seems as though she even finds herself to be funny.
Check out the bottom row of teeth. Nathan had two teeth pulled at the dentist office last week. He had an adult tooth growing in behind the two middle lower level teeth. The baby teeth were not giving up so we had to have them pulled. I am grateful that the kids have "chicklet style" teeth. I think it reduces the chance that they will have to have braces in the future!
Both Nathan and Audrey were awarded in the past couple of weeks. Nathan's certificate is for being a great safety passenger on the school bus and adhering to all of the rules. Audrey's is for being recognized as having the cutest costume at the Fall Festival.
Okay, everyone knows about my obsession with a clean house - yup, Audrey is in training. She wants to be big and take on all of the responsibilities around the house - including running the vacuum cleaner that is taller and probably only weighs slightly less than she does.
Can I just say I am so thankful for this bed head!!!


Maureen said...

Love that "bed head." Seems like it's thicker and longer every week. What a brave boy to get his teeth pulled and smile for the camera. Can't wait to see Elysse's fantastic smile in person.

Carrie said...

Elysse is growing SO fast! She is beautiful-love the smile!!! Losing teeth, awards, and bed head...Sounds like a great week! Isn't it so fun being a mom?

The McGee's said...

What a wonderfully simple and simply wonderful week! Love you guys! said...

My children definitely do NOT have chicklet teeth and the dentist has already put us on notice that we should start saving for braces. Yeah, chicklet teeth are the way to go!!!