Friday, August 21, 2009

Michigan Trip - August 2009

I must start this entry out by telling all of our friends what an incredible husband and father Ryan is. He knows that it is very important for the kids and I to spend time in Michigan to see our familyso he sacrifices time away from us. Although the time apart is difficult for all of us, it is expecially hard on Ryan - as he is the one left behind. We are all glad to be back together and we are thankful for the time the kids had to spend with their family, espcially their grandparents. We know it never feels like enough time for them....
Lessons from the Road...
If you know one thing about Nathan - you probably know that Nathan LOVES animals. His current obsession centers around extinct animals. Grandma Beadle introduced Nathan to a new word - Roadkill. She went above and beyond giving Nathan a definition...if a picture is worth a thousand words the the real thing is woth at least a thousand questions!


One of my very favorite things about Michigan is Michigan State University in East Lansing, MI. Ryan and I both attended MSU and received our bachelor degrees from there.
Campus is lovely and holds a certain magical charm for me. We visited the MSU Dairy, fed some Canadian Geese, and visited the famous painted rock.

This rock is actually the size of your fist, it has been painted that many times!

Nathan was tired of the backseat. He navigated traffic like an expert.

The sandbox is always fun - wet or dry!

Pay close attention to three very important fashion tips...

You can only pull off these fashion tips if you are a cute little girl!

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HatchFamily said...

Sounds like you guys have had a lot of fun! That rock reminds me of one in Utah that my dad always took us to on the way back from skiing....awh memories!