Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Nathan "Benjamin Franklin" Beadle

Nathan had his first lesson in the principles of electricity this evening. He unplugged Audrey's baby monitor from the cord and put the electrical connector piece - which was still plugged into the wall - in his mouth. After he put it in his mouth he then asked what would happen if you would put it in your mouth. (A little backwards - do first, then ask??) I stated that I wasn't sure what would happen. He then informed me that you could get stung. He then admitted that he had tested it out and requested a drink of water. As he was chugging his drink of water, he described the sting like that of a bee, stingray or jelly fish (not that he has any real experience, just a great imagination).


Karen said...

WOW! I hope that he does not forget that lesson soon. I remember a couple lessons I learned about electricity, some how those lessons stick with you.

Steve said...

Oh Nathan!!!! I can just picture Tonya's face when he told her the truth!